Handling breaking news and media bias

  • Hour 1 of 8-4-20
  • A roundup of news with Ed Morrissey, investigating the explosion in Beirut. Not much is known about this yet, whether it was truly intentional is not even remotely certain. Ed breaks down the details and explains why it is important to not rush to conclusions. He also digs into the body cam footage which was leaked on George Floyd’s death and why it might prove that the cops got too harsh of a conviction. What remains apparent, however, is that Floyd should have never been killed. Hear about this as well as Coronavirus financial package news. What do most Americans want in this new round of financial relief?
  • Andrew Malcolm stops by to discuss media bias discernment and handling the barrage of breaking news we see day in and day out. He explains why it’s important to not take all news as definite and to wait until other sources are reporting the same thing. Malcolm also gets into knowing what sources are biased one way or the other, and to incorporate this knowledge into our analysis.