Homicide rates and gun ownership

  • Hour 3 of 8-6-20
  • Civil unrest, homicides, hatred of police, gun rates going up. It has been quite a time in our society! What is causing these societal difficulties? Much of course is because of the defunding of police. They are not allowed to do their job, and some leaders in cities are holding much disdain for law enforcement. The lie of systemic racism within law enforcement doesn’t help either. These points are made by Dr. Charles Nemeth. He realizes that there are bad individuals within the police force, but argues that the majority of cops truly want to defend Americans and keep them safe.
  • A continued conversation with Iain Murray on The Socialist Temptation. Murray makes the point that civilizations have said over and over again that “this time, socialism will work.” But it never does come to fruition. Young people are being fed the lie that socialism is the answer, so what can we do to help them understand that it’s not the right model? There are ways to tap into their desires and to help them get on the right path moving forward. Caller Charlie says that young people are not taught values.