Identity Politics

  • Hour 3 of 8-5-20
  • A discussion on what constitutes and creates the trend of identity politics. Apart from the struggle that African Americans have truly undergone, do other segments of the population embrace a victim mentality and vote accordingly? (LGBT,etc…)  If so, what historically led up to this? What can we learn moving forward? Hear what Mike Gonzalez has studied and has to report.
  • Throughout COVID, Americans are witnessing unfair treatment towards church communities who want to gather, worship, and celebrate the sacraments. One such church in CA called Grace Community is fighting back under the leadership of Pastor John MacArthur. When we see politicians and governors allowing riots and protests to take place but ban church gatherings, (even small Bible study groups at home,) we need to sound the alarm. What action is worth taking and what has been done? Charles LiMandri checks in.