Israel and the United Arab Emirates

  • Hour 1 of 8-14-20
  • A news roundup of issues you need to know. Drew and Jake address some listener complaints that have come in regarding a decision to air the Biden press conference. Drew also gets into the sad story of a young boy named Cannon Hinnant who was killed at only 5 years old. For many days, the mainstream media was silent, and it shows the terrible bias that many news outlets have where they only choose to report on stories that fit their narrative. The media has also not reported much on the fact that Israel reached a peace deal with the United Arab Emirates, much due to the fact that the Trump administration helped to bring this about. What does it mean for the future? Get connected to what James Carafano says.
  • A continuing series on Our Lady’s Peace Plan with Barb Ernster from Blue Army. Does it feel sometimes that we have been abandoned? That we stand alone in our faith, facing a very daunting future, a world that is changing before our eyes, our own country being dismantled? Many people are praying many rosaries and going to adoration, praying the chaplets of mercy….and being isolated from our church communities and our clergy, we feel alone. It’s even more lonely in the public square. Who is supporting people of faith in the public square? Fear is gripping some – fear about the coronavirus; others are facing challenges at work and school, where they cannot stand up for the faith or morals, or religious freedom without fear of some fallout. We as Catholics must now stand up and be a voice for our faith and for truth.