Mail-in voting

  • Hour 1 of 8-6-20
  • Do you see mail-in voting as a smart idea for this election? Many people, including President Trump, believe it could lead to fraud. A look at the validity of this belief, as Ed Morrissey visits with Eric Boehm. 5 states are already doing this, but Eric does raise concern about whether other states would be able to make this happen so quickly. There are pros and cons to this process. Hopefully it doesn’t delay the election results, as President Trump believes it will. Eric believes that mail-in voting should be an option, but not a mandate.
  • Dr. Anthony Esolen believes the decline of Western civilization is due to our society throwing out moral absolutes and reason. He says that political divisions, talking down to one another, and a loss of sense of reality is causing us to go crazy. He wrote “Sex and the Unreal City: The Demolition of the Western Mind.” Dr. Esolen believes that discrediting actual science is another problem in our Western world. Our culture is obsessed with sex as well as degradation of human dignity, and our intellect is dropping as we speak. Hear his thoughts the problem and the cure.