Pro-Life Demonstrations

  • Hour 3 of 8-18-20
  • The DNC is going on, almost all virtually. Milwaukee is not getting the turnout they expected, but they are getting some pro-life warriors there! Dr. Monica Miller partnered with some other pro-life organizations as they stood near busy roads near Downtown MKE and witnessed to the dignity of life. They held up signs and got some very positive reaction! Did they get any opposition? Listen to find out!
  • Did you hear that the Second Person of the Trinity got a police escort? That’s right! The Blessed Sacrament was carried through the streets of Madison as a huge Eucharistic Procession took place. It was called Unite Wisconsin, and it brought much needed peace to a city riddled with rioting and chaos. Will it happen in other cities as well? Kevin O’Brien, who helped to organize, stops by for his reflection and shares future hopes.