Pro-lifers arrested

  • Hour 3 of 8-4-20
  • Did you hear about the pro-life heroes who were arrested for chalking on the sidewalk “Black Pre-Born Lives Matter?” Since when was this illegal? Another big story in the pro-life world that you need to know about. Also, a pastor in CA has not followed Gov. Newsom’s orders on church restrictions. What do we make of this and should we be concerned about churches being targeted? Prof. Rick Garnett explains why he doesn’t think we should be so quick to assume the worst. He explains his line of reasoning, and goes into situations when churches truly are being picked on.
  • Salena Zito weighs in on political movements which have come and gone, including the Occupy Wall St. movement, the Tea Party, and the “woke” mob. How does the Trump vote fit into these coalitions as well as BLM activists? What makes certain groups stay influential and others not?