Rioting and BLM protests

  • Hour 1 of 8-3-20
  • Rioting around the country continues, and leftist mayors seem to condone the looting and violence; at least, they are not pushing back against it enough. The news media is portraying much of these riots as peaceful, and the American public is not getting the full picture of what is going on. They deserve to know the truth. Julio Rosas has been on the front lines, though, and he is in to explain what he has seen.
  • Americans aren’t making babies, and this is bad for the economy. A look at the fertility rates in the US, and an investigation as to what is contributing to this drop in birth rates. What is the economic consequence to this? How will it affect jobs, the markets, and the world as we know it? Hear Lyman Stone explain what he believes will happen as a result of fewer babies and smaller families.