The markets/China censorship

  • Hour 3 of 8-7-20
  • A look at the markets and relationship with China. Finance Friday with Peter Grandich. Apart from President Trump banning Chinese run social media tools in the US, there’s a lot more to be aware of. Peter does not have much optimism for the markets regardless of who the next president is, but he warns that the movement to get President Trump out of office will stop at nothing over the next few months. Get connected to the most important podcast from PeterGrandich. You need to hear what he says about the riots and spiritual warfare. He says that this is not a political fight, but more a supernatural fight that we cannot see with our own eyes.
  • A look at movies and Hollywood with Christian Toto. A great discussion about Chinese censorship of movies. Christian says that China wants nothing negative to be shown about them, so they will influence what is seen on the big screen. Does it matter? Is it just a movie? Should different versions of movies be released? These questions are addressed. They also get into the way that China is influencing sports, specifically the NBA.