The Patrick Madrid Show: August 10, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Patrick shares about his weekend giving the commencement speech at Christendom College in Virginia and visiting a Robert E. Lee monument
  • Caller: Sue in WI asks if someone’s ashes at Mass counts for Christian burial, or if the body has to be in a coffin
  • Caller: Jonah in IL asks why the Holy Family is held as an example for families, when they didn’t fulfill either purpose of marriage and family (procreation and unity)
  • Caller: Matt in MI asks for clarification on Patrick’s comments during a previous show about voting and when it’s okay to refrain from one’s duty to vote
  • Simon Cowell recovering from six-hour surgery after scary bike crash
  • Soundbite: Joe Biden in 2012 recorded an ad for Obama claiming his Catholic faith forms his views, yet he strongly supports abortion which is anti-Catholic
  • Soundbite: Cardinal Arinze says abortion is not just against Catholic Church law, but against Divine Law
  • Caller: Madison in WI asks which Bible version she should be reading
  • Caller: Frank in MO shares his own experience of marrying a girl who was post abortive and his eyes were opened to the pain women experience