The Patrick Madrid Show: August 11, 2020 – Hour 2

  • The Satanic Temple raffles free abortion, admits that aborting unborn babies is a satanic ritual
  • Caller: Maureen in CA asks about her daughter who doesn’t want to receive Holy Communion unless on the tongue
  • Caller: Jim in WI asks if there is Scripture that says we will see loved ones again in Heaven, or know them in Heaven
  • Caller: doesn’t like the idea of Kanye becoming president because he has lived the Hollywood life
  • Caller: Joe in FL asks about the 3 days of darkness that Padre Pio spoke of
  • Caller: Gabriella in CA asks the difference between a deacon and priest. Can deacons get married?
  • Caller: Ruth in NV feels bad for dropping the Body of Christ in the Eucharist on the ground while she was adjusting her mask
  • Caller: Marsha in MN asks if Catholics can donate their bodies to science after death. Do they have to be buried in a Catholic cemetery?