The Patrick Madrid Show: August 12, 2020 – Hour 1

  • The far-left LA Times published an entire article claiming minorities don’t camp because camping is racist for costing $250 and suggests making free camping kits
  • Caller: Manuel in FL asks about Jesus speaking to a Samaritan woman in Mt 15: 21-28. He also asks how to talk to a Christian friend about divorcing his wife for another woman. 
  • Patrick shares the story of giving a book to his sister called “The Dogma of Hell” to subtly get her attention and “admonish the sinner”
  • Caller: Dave in FL shares how he called out a friend for leaving his wife. He also asks why Purgatory isn’t included in one of the “Four Last Things”
  • Caller: Barbara in WI says the Lord told her “don’t touch me” and she thinks about it every time she receives Holy Communion
  • Caller: Alex in MN asks how to talk to a family member who isn’t convinced Jesus is Who He says He is and want to live life on her own terms
  • Patrick discusses how the transgender movement is almost antithetical to the Albigensian heresy
  • Caller: Bill in PA shares an experience of his guardian angel saving him in the middle of a motorcycle accident