The Patrick Madrid Show: August 24, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Chicago Mayor Lightfoot reportedly bans protests on her block, deploys over 100 cops to protect her home 
  • Soundbite: Patrick wrote “I never said you stole money” on a napkin and then spoke the sentence with emphasis on different words to demonstrate how the meaning changes
  • Caller: Joanna in MA asks for clarification on voting because Joe Biden is Catholic yet seems like a poor candidate. Patrick explains the hierarchy of issues Catholics must consider when voting – abortion being the most crucial non-negotiable.
  • Caller: George in NJ agrees abortion is wrong 90% of the time, but struggles to think it wouldn’t be acceptable 10% of the time for certain difficult circumstances
  • Caller: Maribel in IL comments on Democrats and voting pro-life
  • Caller: Shelley in CA asks if it is okay to have a gun for self-defense. She looked in the New Testament and it doesn’t say anywhere one has the right to bear arms