The Patrick Madrid Show: August 24, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Hackers can now clone your keys just by listening to them with a smartphone
  • Patrick discusses how certain priests and theologians advised the Kennedy family on how to redefine support for abortion as a Catholic
  • Caller: Michelle in TX asks about people in the congregation sitting rather than kneeling before the priest is finished at the altar after communion
  • Caller: Danielle in ME discusses rape victims, abortion and mental health
  • Caller: Mike in NM asks what sacrifices pro-life advocates are willing to make to end abortion
  • Caller: Joseph in IL asks how the 9 First Friday devotion works. Patrick reads the promises associated with it. Joseph was assaulted by a priest and it has deeply affected him
  • Caller: Mark in PA asks if there is a way to discern which ministry he should focus on and how to figure out if he has a calling or if his own interest is being led astray