The Patrick Madrid Show: August 25, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Keith in CA is concerned about moving to UT because he doesn’t want his daughter to be influenced by the LDS church
  • Caller: Laurie in FL asks why the Church doesn’t allow one’s ashes to be scattered after death
  • Caller: Steve in CA presents a hypothetical situation of a person who lived their life seeking God, but the week before death they slip up. How will he be judged?
  • Patrick discusses God’s sovereignty in relation to free will
  • Caller: Maria in IL asks about being denied Holy Communion on the tongue
  • Caller: Josephina in CA asks about “Ruach” and if it is a spiritual practice
  • Caller: Edna in IL asks about the doctors of the church and living in the thousand years of peace until the second coming of Christ
  • Caller: RM in FL asks if the marriage act can finish any other way than the natural procreative way