The Patrick Madrid Show: August 26, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Soundbite: Jacob Blake’s mom, Julia Jackson, says we need to pray
  • Soundbite: Julia Jackson talks to Don Lemon on CNN
  • Soundbite: live gunshots caught on tape in the Kenosha riots 
  • Caller: Ian in WI thinks good citizens should consider taking up arms to take back their cities from the rioters
  • Caller: Yvonne in NC says we need to report criminals in the streets so the riots stop
  • Caller: Ben in WI asks about the church getting into politics. He thinks the Church needs to focus on evangelizing. We need to do our part in spreading the Gospel
  • Patrick expresses his theory that there is at least a minor correlation between spending excessive time playing violent video games and the influence it has on those who are rioting
  • Caller: Mike in PA asks if Patrick was a police officer how he would handle someone resisting arrest. Would he shoot him?