The Patrick Madrid Show: August 27, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Caller asks what to confess in confession if he isn’t aware of any sin on his soul. Patrick discusses growing in holiness
  • Caller: Kip in PA asks about the Scripture that says to judge with righteous judgment
  • Caller: Marlene in KY was told by a family member that her desire to be buried is gluttonous 
  • Caller: Linda in VA discusses her opinion on cremation
  • Caller: Tonya in GA comments on everything being politicized, including the children being taken from parents at the border. Patrick explains the intention is to make sure the parent isn’t actually a human trafficker 
  • Caller: Kimberly in MO asks advice because her brother wants to divorce his wife but not tell their mom. She feels like she is stuck in the middle 
  • Caller: Ramiro in CA has a son who is joining the seminary and he has mixed emotions about it
  • Caller: Timothy in AZ says there is always more context to news stories. George Floyd was saying he couldn’t breathe before being on the ground and he had lethal amounts of drugs in his system
  • Caller: Dolores in NY comments on a friend who came to the country legally and the issue of children being trafficked