The Patrick Madrid Show: August 31, 2020 – Hour 2

  • This week CDC quietly updated COVID-19 numbers – only 9,210 Americans died from COVID-19 alone – the rest had different other serious illnesses
  • Here’s how California’s new coronavirus reopening rules will affect you
  • Caller: Joe in IL asks if he gets any credit from God for the good he did in his past while also committing mortal sins 
  • Caller: Emily in NJ comments on the TV series “The Chosen”
  • Pinterest pays $89.5 million to abandon upcoming lease in San Francisco
  • Soundbite: contestant on American Idol shares that she is giving her unborn baby girl to an adoptive family
  • Caller: Ann in IL has been going through hard times, and is physically sick, but the one thing that helps her is listening to Relevant Radio 
  • Caller: Allison in CA comments on the CDC changing statistics 
  • Caller: Ray in CA isn’t Catholic but he is so grateful for Relevant Radio and is a recurring donor. It has helped him the last few years taking care of his mom