The Patrick Madrid Show: August 4, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Caller: Ann in TX has a sister-in-law who is interested in becoming Catholic, but is struggling with the idea that if the Eucharist is truly Jesus, then why doesn’t it change people who receive Him, such as “those politicians” who are unworthy
  • Caller: Tom in NY asks about his son who had a baby with his wife via surrogacy, because the wife had cancer. Was this wrong? Why?
  • Caller: Gina in NJ asks if it is possible to sin in a dream
  • Caller: Michael in CA has a son who is gay. He has a good relationship with him, but just last week his wife and his son asked him to deny his Faith and support gay marriage. His wife has threatened to leave him if he doesn’t
  • Caller: Suzie in WI has a daughter who wants her nose pierced. She is almost 18. She and her husband have told her no. What would Patrick do in this situation?