The Patrick Madrid Show: August 5, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Soundbite: Parents push back against Archdiocese of Miami after virtual learning announcement
  • A pair of explosions struck the city of Beirut early Tuesday evening, killing at least 100 people, wounding more than 4,000 and causing widespread damage.
  • Caller: Jonathan in FL says it’s worth the sacrifice to pay tuition and send them to Catholic school
  • Caller: Thomas in FL has a child in Catholic school and they just raised tuition by $2000 this year
  • Caller: Michelle in TN thinks the schools should also sacrifice like parents have to, because COVID-19 has affected their jobs and income, they are really struggling
  • NSA warns cell phone location data could pose national-security threat
  • Caller: Veronica in TX hopes the diocese will work with parents to compromise
  • Caller: Joe in PA asks Patrick’s advice on whether he should attend his good friend’s wedding. His friend is Catholic, but marrying a non-Catholic in a non-Catholic service
  • Caller: Tom in CA loves dogs and is concerned that they won’t be in Heaven