The Patrick Madrid Show: August 5, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Patrick explains why having hard conversations about truth is a good thing
  • Caller: Marguerite in IL asks if Patrick has heard of Tom Zimmer’s prophecy, where he predicted Trump would become president and lead the country back to God
  • Caller: Lucia in IL says Catholic schools are expensive to run so she understands them asking for full tuition. She is sending her kids this year
  • Caller: Patricia in NJ has been fasting from Facebook because it took away from her spiritual life. She suggests Catholic schools do 40% in person and 60% online
  • The sins that come from being a busybody by Msgr. Charles Pope
  • Caller: Mary in AZ discusses the prayers of St. Bridget of Sweden
  • Caller: Ramona in IA says she heard there are tax breaks for sending your kids to Catholic school but doesn’t know how to get it. She thinks the bishops should do more to let people know