The Patrick Madrid Show: August 6, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Here are 4 ways to offset your risk of contracting COVID-19
  • Caller: Tim in CA says our society tends to think issues are either/or, rather than understanding there can always be love and compassion, while also heeding truths of right and wrong
  • Aller: Richard in CO asks how to discern as a parent what type of magic can be exposed to his kids in movies (Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, Mickey Mouse)
  • Patrick explains how everyone has complete bodily systems except for the reproductive system. Men and women are designed in particular, distinct ways to produce new life
  • Caller: John in CA challenges Patrick on the Church’s teaching against masturbation. He thinks it is line with natural law, and can prepare men and women for marriage
  • Caller: Louise in CA has a family member who believes in a healing power of pyramids and asks advice how to dispute this
  • Caller: Bonnie in FL discusses being sober after an addiction to alcohol