The Patrick Madrid Show: August 7, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Minneapolis Charter Commission blocks City Council effort to abolish police department 
  • San Mateo County health officer assails ‘fundamentally flawed’ state watch list
  • 35-year-old Florida roofer struck by lightning listed as coronavirus fatality
  • Caller: Elizabeth asks if it is possible for her guardian angel to talk to her and if it is possible to hear her angel talk to her
  • Patrick shares his own guardian angel experiences
  • Caller: Terry in MN asks about God being Love
  • Caller: Kris in DE shares a story of when she was in a dangerous situation panicking and then she heard something tell her what to do and it saved her. She thinks it was her angel
  • Earthquake preparedness: What to do before — and during — a big one
  • Caller: Bethany in ME asks for Scripture verses that explain why Catholics pray to saints