Valid and invalid baptisms

  • Hour 3 of 8-27-20
  • Fr. Hood was a priest who realized that he was not validly baptized, due to the deacon changing the words. This led him to investigate further, and he got to the point where he was given all sacraments in one day. So was he not truly a priest? What happens to people who have not had a valid baptism? Professor Michael Dunnigan examines this, and he addresses your questions about validity involving sacraments, and also gets into whether grandparents can baptize their grandchildren. Find the balance between orthodoxy and legalism in this hour.
  • In society now, we see a gradual push for polyamory. One area in the US has already accepted it!! When SSM was legalized in 2015, many predicted that other types of sexual sin would be allowed and eventually accepted. The floodgates were opened, but what can we do now? Hear what Wesley Smith says on this.