• Hour 1 of 8-11-20
  • The vaccine race appears to have been won by Russia, as they have supposedly found a COVID vaccination. However, it was not fully tested or approved, still in Phase 1 of trials according to reports from WP. President Trump is hopeful that the US will have one at some point in the future; his press conference yesterday was startling though. The Secret Service pulled him away from a short time and told him there was a shooter near the White House. Get all this news and more of what President Trump had to say.
  • Harley Benz updates you on news out of the West Coast. With California having small earthquakes, it could be affecting the San Andreas Fault. How soon could this be and what would be the repercussions?
  •  A discussion on vocations, priesthood, and saying yes to God’s will, even when we are called into the unknown. Father Steve DeLacy says that men are still hearing and responding to the call. One such man is Tucker Brown. He is here to share his conversion story, journey through high school, medical school, and how he felt the call to become a priest.