Amy Coney Barrett

  • Hour 1 of 9-28-20
  • Did you watch any of the Rose Garden ceremony this past weekend when President Trump made the special announcement of nominating Amy Coney Barrett to be the next Supreme Court justice? He went into great detail on Amy Barrett’s credentials, which I am sure you will be impressed by. And it is not just her law credentials which make ACB very unique – it’s her family life, and President Trump mentioned that too. Hear from Dr. Matthew Franck as well as audio from the president himself.
  • Are you hopeful that Amy will help to overturn Roe? Sadly lots of people are obviously upset about Barrett being nominated, especially those in the media who drive the liberal narrative. Just to show you the liberal outrage and frankly the straight up bias from the news media, you have to hear from a commentator on MSNBC, calling her a hypocrite. His bias is outstandingly ignorant. Kyle Drennan from NewsBusters has been following the attacks from the media on ACB; hear his commentary and expertise.
  • As a way to thwart the next Supreme Court nomination, some are proposing that there be term limits on the Supreme Court. This would take away the lifetime appointments which are currently in play. Would this actually happen or even make sense? Ed Whalen reports. Also, United States Representative Kevin McCarthy called out Speaker Pelosi for threatening impeachment and said that they will go after her if she tries to pull that stunt again.
  • Fr. Jim Nadeau continues the series on protecting yourself from spiritual warfare. Today is day number 9, and Jesus warns St. Faustina to avoid gossip and spreading false rumors. This is a lesson for all of us, to be on guard on what we say. Father says we need to ask ourselves this question – “does what I am about to say need to be said?” Follow us on social media to hear the daily audio commentaries.