Chaplet/Fr. Sopocko

  • Hour 2 of 9-28-20
  • Chaplet of Divine Mercy
  • What do you know about St Faustina and her revelation from Jesus? Drew conducts a very interesting interview with Father Gregory Blizniak and his translator Maria, who share the story of St. Faustina. They share how Fr. Sopocko played a pivotal role in guiding her to write the diary and how the message of Divine Mercy was spread. You may not know this, but St. Faustina actually tried to burn the letters, and it was Fr. Sopocko who encouraged her and got her on the right track again. So are there missing parts to the diary? Listen to find out!
  • Are both political parties still championing marriage and the family? It may have been so in the past, but now, some evidence indicates otherwise. This is too unfortunate, because both Republicans and Democrats should be concerned about the role that faith plays for families, church attendance for all, and keeping marriage intact. Hear what Dr. Brad Wilcox says.