• Hour 3 of 9-15-20
  • You may have heard much about the new Netflix film called Cuties, and you should be considering cancelling Netflix because of it! It sexualizes young girls and goes far beyond what is appropriate television. Sen Ted Cruz says that pedophiles will watch it and Netflix won’t care because they are making lots of money. We see a pornified culture before our eyes, and it is time we take a stand against it. Hear more from Lina Nealon and Eliza Bleu. Bleu is a sexual abuse survivor, and she recounts her story and experience.
  • Here are some helpful resources to keep in mind. National Center on Sexual Exploitation: – Our Action Center (people can choose from a host of actions to take with one click. – Sign petition to remove Cuties from Netflix. Young Eyes, has easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions to turn on controls and safety features on devices and popular app.