Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

  • Hour 1 of 9-21-20
  • With the passing of Justice Ginsburg, we pray for her soul and for Christ to bring her to heaven. Sadly, she was a staunch abortion and SSM supporter. A look at her life, legacy, and the ripple effects she had on the culture, court, and world. Carrie Severino gives insight. We need to remember that life is a pre-eminent issue this election, and now with a vacant SCOTUS seat opened, it is even more important to vote for life in mind. The next pick could be instrumental in the fight for life.
  • Republicans are trying to get the new justice in, and most want a replacement ASAP. Democrats, however, claim that the election needs to happen first. Hear what Sen. Ted Cruz says on this, and also, is Speaker Pelosi threatening another impeachment?? She says “she has arrows in her quiver.” What would the process of getting a new justice in before the election look like? We can probably expect it to get bloody, so let’s pray. Hear from James Hirsen.
  • A continued series on the retreat Jesus gave to St. Faustina. Today, we focus on the importance of going to confession to rid ourselves of sin. Did you know that sin has a smell? A stench in fact?? Jesus wants you to bring the sin to Him, and He will offer forgiveness. Let your soul be consumed by His mercy. Fr. Jim Nadeau continues the series.