National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Kids

  • Hour 1 of 9-11-20
  • A news roundup with Drew – he tells you about the horrific wildfires in the PNW. What is it looking like in that region of the country and what can be done? Also, the NFL getting into social justice and BLM. A conversation about how much it might affect ratings. Should this league get into the conversation on race, or should they just let football be football? Lastly, Karen from the Family Rosary Across America makes a visit to defend her name. Find out what she says!
  • The National Day of Remembrace for Aborted Children is tomorrow. These poor children who were not given a chance to live are remembered in a special way. They should never be forgotten. They matter too. Learn more here, and hear what Dr. Monica Miller has to share about it!
  • Abortion plays into this election more than ever! Our bishops have said that it is the pre-eminent issue, and it should be first of mind when going into the voting booth. So how does this influence your vote? Will other issues be more important for you? Marilyn Musgrave digs in.
  • Marie Romagnano is in before the Chaplet to share about an important ministry. She writes:”On September 11, 2011, I put together a trauma team of nurses to assist with the medical care of the victims of the terrorist attack.   The Red Cross at the last moment asked us not to go to New York City, due to the high casualties and low probability of finding anyone alive.

    I was hoping that with the nurses, we could save the victims spiritually by praying The Divine Mercy Chaplet and applying the Divine Mercy message prayers for the injured and dying.  I quickly found out my coworkers did not know anything about the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Realizing the tremendous need to teach healthcare professionals the Divine Mercy message and devotion, on 9/11 I founded the Nurses for Divine Mercy.”