NAVY cancelling Mass

  • Hour 1 of 9-8-20
  • What you need to know: A look at the wildfires in CA and how it is affecting many. Also, President Trump has brought about another peace deal, this time an act of unity between Serbia and Kosovo.
  • Sadly, as Americans have started to get back to Mass, the Eucharist is being taken away from those in the Navy. The Navy will not have Masses offered due to budget cuts. But why was this done, and was it even necessary? Isn’t the Mass important? This was not an intentional act of anti-Catholicism, but it is a misfortune that you need to know about. Archbishop Timothy Broglio has more.
  • Mary FioRito talks about America’s yard sign discourse. Have you noticed certain yard signs which say “love is love,” “science is real,” “Black lives matter,” and “women’s rights are human rights?” Some of these statements supporting abortion and gay marriage are clearly going against Catholic teaching, so would you feel uncomfortable seeing your neighbor having the sign up? Where are these signs even coming from, and do people even know the message being sent?
  • Fr. Francis Hoffman, better known as Fr. Rocky, joins Drew on Mary’s birthday! He also tells you more about the 54 day Rosary Novena being kicked off. Make sure you join thousands of other listeners during the Family Rosary every evening at 7p CT. You can get signed up for great free email content here.