President Trump’s Town Hall

  • Hour 1 of 9-16-20
  • President Trump defending his Coronavirus response last night on the ABC NEWS Townhall –  did you catch any of it? You’ll hear more highlights this hour. Also, you’ll find this to be a strange story but something still worth talking about – there’s been an uptick in dead birds found in New Mexico! Why is that? In other quick bit of news, if you live on the East Coast, you may have been noticing a greyer atmosphere; it’s actually smoke coming over from the West Coast fires. And we are tracking Sandy. It looks to be settling down and will no longer be categorized as a hurricane. Deacon Tom Mahoney, a former meterologist, gives his report.
  • A look at the ABC NEWS Town Hall with President Trump, where he fielded questions from some uncommitted voters. He obviously took some heat from the liberal news network, but that is to be assumed. He got into COVID, police, and racial tensions, among other issues. Ed Morrissey joins Drew to talk about the polls. He explains why they should not be trusted completely, especially this year with the pandemic disruptions. Do you think Biden will win? Or will the debates give us a better idea of what to expect? Hear about this and other political news.
  • Fr. Jim Nadeau is starting a series with Drew on spiritual warfare. Jesus gave St. Faustina a retreat on this, and gave her advice on how to protect oneself from attacks from the evil one. Continue to listen over the next few weeks for this special conversation, right before the Chaplet!