Removing monuments

  • Hour 1 of 9-2-20
  • What you need to know: Listen to what President Trump said in Kenosha, WI yesterday, as he had supportive words for law enforcement and the difficult situations they find themselves in. President Trump went on to talk about what needs to be done to stop the radical violence. Also, some politicians don’t abide by the COVID restrictions they themselves set forth. Speaker Pelosi was at a salon without a mask on, going against what she had told the American public to do. Hear reaction from some media sources. And a silent film was dug up in IL during COVID! Jake shares his love for silent movies.
  • As a movement is seeking to erase American history, where do we draw the line? Should we be taking down monuments of historical leaders, even if they were slave owners? How far will this movement go to take down anything related to statues of Columbus or Jefferson? Hear insight from Dr. Christine Mugridge. She expresses concern about where this will take America.
  • In other news, has Bethsaida been found? This important place in Biblical times has been discovered, and it gives us better perspective on where Jesus and His disciples would have walked and lived. What else does this tell us? Hear more from Dr. John Bergsma.