Riots if Biden loses

  • Hour 1 of 9-15-20
  • What you need to know: Sen Harris accidentilly referred to the Biden campaign as the “Harris Administration.” ABC News will be doing a townhall with President Trump for uncommitted voters. Also, a look at Biden and his use of a teleprompter.
  • If Biden loses this election, will there be riots? Sen. Harris said months ago that these protests “will not and should not stop.” So how bad could this get? Will the violence be worse than in 2016? Hear what Frank Gaffney predicts.
  • The seal of confession protects people when they go to this sacrament. Priests are not allowed to share any sins they hear in the confessional. But the seal is at risk again – find out where! Msgr. James Shea is in to talk about this, and he also reflects on the beauty of Confession. You should not fear when you go. You are confessing your sins directly to Christ!