Rise in violent crime

  • Hour 3 of 9-2-20
  • With violence rising in Chicago, why is it not being reported?! And not only in big cities, but we see crime booming in smaller cities too. In Green Bay, WI, police officers worked to prevent Antifa violence from rising over the weekend. What has contributed to all of this? A look at the historical rates of violence from over the past decades with Prof. Barry Latzer. He is also asked what we can do to limit this crime; he brings up the importance of supporting law enforcement, but says that many don’t see the need to protect and secure their funding.
  • Are you looking for a new job or career? Times during COVID have made job changes difficult. If you are unemployed, what should you do to make your resume stand out to find that next best job? Hear advice from Noelle Gross. She says that this is not a really good time to make a complete career change from a 180 degree standpoint, but she says that career pivots are just slightly different and more functional and doable right now. Noelle gives a glimpse of what the job environment is looking like and says to focus on the growing industries.