Skip the Confirmation hearings?

  • Hour 1 of 9-23-20
  • President Trump spoke at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast, and he made an important announcement that you need to hear! He is signing a Born Alive Executive Order which protect babies from any background or situation. Hear what he says about this, as well as the value of Catholic education, his love for St. John Paul II, and how he is standing for religious freedom. Also, fallout from the ruling on the Breonna Taylor shooting. The BLM movement is not satisfied, and this could result in chaotic rioting on the streets. Get the report from Drew, and be sure to pray for peace.
  • Ed Morrissey reacts to an idea that Rush Limbaugh had. When it comes to filling the vacant Supreme Court seat, why go through the trouble of having the confirmation hearings? Wouldn’t it be better to go straight to the Senate vote? Now, whether this is an unprecedented idea or something worth considering is up for debate, but hear Ed’s reaction. We all know that the judge who is picked will go through harsh treatment, so some argue that this would eliminate attacks from the left and save time and energy.
  • When we watch the news, we usually hear about COVID, BLM, and other national news. You aren’t getting the bigger picture of what is happening to Christians internationally! However, Christians in Nigeria and Pakistan are being persecuted, and you need to know about this. Learn how you can take action with Eric Patterson.
  • A continued series with Fr. Jim Nadeau. He explains to you the importance of patience in the spiritual life. When you are out at the store and have to wait in a long line, what is your reaction and how do you respond? Let’s allow the Lord to teach us this important virtue. Patience is fundamental, and it can help us grow. Jesus reminded St. Faustina that a soul must learn to accept hardship and embrace the cross.