The Patrick Madrid Show: September 1, 2020 – Hour 1

  • San Francisco Catholic archbishop Cordileone calls on mayor to end ‘excessive limits’ on outdoor Mass
  • Franklin Graham says that the Democratic Party is “opposed to faith” and warns that the left will “close the Church down in many places” should the US fall into the embrace of socialism. 
  • Caller: John in IL asks if mosques and synagogues are also struggling to handle restrictions on holding services
  • Caller: Bernadette in PA discusses that the reason people aren’t gathering and fighting against restrictions is because all they watch is CNN which keeps the truth hidden
  • Caller: Benjamin in MI wants to talk to his sister-in-law who is cohabitating with her significant other
  • Caller: David in ME is very concerned that the churches reopening requires contact tracing. It feels like the Eucharist is being ransomed 
  • Soundbite: Joe Biden speaks somewhat incoherently claiming that “COVID has taken 100 year, look, the lives, I mean think about it”
  • Caller: Patty in IL volunteers at her church and says we need more young volunteers
  • Caller: Jackie in GA sees President Trump as the antichrist. She sees no love, all she sees is him speaking vile attacks on others. What do Christians see in him?