The Patrick Madrid Show: September 10, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Soundbite: Bishop Daly of Spokane, WA gives a message on the wildfires that are spreading
  • Caller: Peter in CA says the fires’ ashes falling looks like snow, but that he trust in God
  • Soundbite: Democrats giving surprising Coronavirus advice
  • Caller: Kristin in PA has a 10 year old who wants to know who Cain’s wife was. Patrick explains it was his sister
  • Caller: Jeanie in TX asks how to approach a sensitive topic with her priest regarding a layman who assists at the consecration and she thinks it is abusive of the Eucharist
  • Caller: Dominic in NY says if you are only voting for Joe Biden because you can’t vote Trump, then do not vote at all. Patrick explains how he can’t trust anyone who doesn’t at least have the foundational belief that abortion is wrong
  • Patrick reads a letter Archbishop Jose Gomez wrote years ago that is still relevant today re: life beginning at conception