The Patrick Madrid Show: September 18, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Look out for this orange dot on your iPhone – someone is listening in
  • Patrick explains how the devil knows your past sins and can use it to tempt you. But if you ask your guardian angel to help defend you and purify your memory, he will
  • Caller: Nate in IN asks about the Exodus 90 program
  • Caller: Arthur in CA discusses aborted babies being baptized and going to Heaven
  • Caller: Tim in FL asks how to deal with people who are upset and want to leave the Catholic Church for an orthodox church that isn’t in communion with the Pope
  • Patrick encourages Catholics to fight and be strong in the midst of trials and failures in the Church. Stay close to God and place faith in Him alone
  • Caller: Bethany in AR is a medical student focusing on anesthesia, and asks how to navigate moral issues and things she may be asked to participate in
  • Caller: Monica in NJ is an OBGYN and shares that there are ways to let your employer know you have conscientious objections
  • Listener email: Kelly reflected on something Patrick said on the show and she comments that suffering is necessary, it moves us to seek Jesus, our souls depend on it