The Patrick Madrid Show: September 2, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Soundbite: ‘We just passed a guy in a jetpack’: pilot landing in Los Angeles Reports Crazy Sighting
  • Patrick shares the story of Lawnchair Larry Walters
  • Caller: Missy in IL is teaching sophomore theology and asks for book recommendations
  • Caller: Michael in NY has a friend who left the Catholic Church and attends a protestant church. She thinks she still receives Jesus at their communion service.
  • Caller: Joan in WI asks why Donald Trump is being promoted as the Catholic vote
  • Soundbite: Dr. Zubin Damania explains the science behind the CDC 6% statistic that everyone’s talking about
  • Caller: Stephen in CA thanks Patrick for his balanced dissemination of information, allowing listeners to make their own informed views and decisions
  • Caller: Yolie in CA asks for a book recommendation for her friend about the faith. 
  • Caller: Michael in CA wonders if he should make a fuss about receiving Holy Communion on the tongue at his parish