The Patrick Madrid Show: September 2, 2020 – Hour 3

  • A man stole tacos from a food truck, sped away from the scene in his car, struck a bicyclist, and then ran from police while carrying his 6-month-old baby, prosecutors said.
  • Caller: Gino in TX thinks it doesn’t matter how to receive Holy Communion as long as you receive. Patrick disagrees and explains background and context for his perspective
  • Caller: Sandy in TX was abused by her grandfather and was in psychotherapy for 40 years, but what finally made her feel healed was when a priest acknowledged the injustice and expressed his understanding and condemnation of what happened
  • A commission in Washington, D.C. wants to ‘remove, relocate, or contextualize’ the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument.
  • Caller: Mary shares her perspective on receiving Holy Communion
  • Caller: Stacey in NY has a 35 year old son who won’t move out and she asks for advice
  • Caller: Gino in CA asks if dogs go to Heaven
  • Caller: Erica in KS asks for her 11 year old: where do demons come from?
  • Caller: Jeff in CA asks how to explain LGBTQ issues with his 10 year old daughter