The Patrick Madrid Show: September 28, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Patrick reports on a number of Catholic churches that have been attacked and vandalized in the last month and thinks these might be test runs for even more destruction
  • Kip asks if an unborn child has a soul, and if so, is there any biblical support?
  • Mark has a question about Psalm 51. How was Christ made sin for us? What does this mean?
  • Christy asks how she can bring her friends back to the Church. They left because of the scandals.
  • Marcel says the more that denominations split off, the more they get away from the traditions of the Church.
  • In a response to concerns raised by listeners who are scandalized by the bad behavior and false teachings by some of those in the church, and feel tempted to leave the church because of the scandals, Patrick explains, at length, how it makes no sense to abandon the church because of scandals.