The Patrick Madrid Show: September 30, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Joseph – Why didn’t President Trump condemn white supremacy and why isn’t Joe Biden pro-life?
  • Patrick shares a story about an immigrant business owner who is forced to battle BLM activists outside his store.
  • Kevin – I never told my adult child about a past abortion I had. I never told her she had a brother she never met. She’s pro-choice, and I’m thinking of telling her in hopes of changing her mind.
  • Patrick shares a powerful letter from Andrea Roncato to his aborted son asking God for forgiveness and expressing how he would have liked to have known his son
  • Hank – Trump said that abortion is not on the line
  • Patrick shares twitter responses to the poem he just read
  • Elliot – 60 years ago you had Bishop Sheen, now you have Trump. What went wrong?