Was COVID manufactured?

  • A Chinese virologist is claiming that COVID is not a natural virus and was made in a lab. She says that it was made for the purpose of release throughout the world. Now, big tech is censoring her claims. What are we to make of them? Dr. Bob Tiballi advises.
  • NPR picked up on a report that police wanted to use a heat ray to disperse protestors when President Trump walked over to the church near the White House earlier this summer. Known as a (LRAD) and (ADS,) some say it is non-lethal. Well, is it? How does this weaponry work and what is the impact? Hear from Peter Johnson. Watch a video about it here.
  • A survey found that many millennials and Gen-Xers don’t know about the Holocaust. Some say it never happened or that it has been exaggerated. How could they be so sure that the torture and death of millions of Jews never happened? What can be done to educate new generations on his horrific piece of history? Gretchen Skidmore gives her thoughts.
  • A continued series on spiritual warfare, and what Jesus said to St. Faustina on a retreat He gave her. Fr. Jim Nadeau unlocks for you another secret given to this great saint. It has to do with trust and eliminating fear from your life. The enemy can pounce on a person when they are consumed by fear, so we need to surround ourselves with God’s peace.