Chaplet/Equality Act

  • Hour 2 of 10-1-20
  • Chaplet of Divine Mercy
  • Hear an answered prayer from a faithful listener. Also, did you hear that John Legend and his wife Chrissy lost their baby? Please pray for them in their suffering. Jake noticed a tweet from Planned Parenthood which was directed at John Legend and his wife, and it might surprise you! The irony cannot be lost here.
  • Drew shares a story about St. Therese’s prayer for a murderer. It is a reminder to never cease in your prayer. God’s time is not our time, but He is always faithful. You will love this story, especially on her feast day.
  • Also, Mary Hallan FioRito reports on some news about the Equality Act which might affect your freedom to live out your faith. The LGBT movement is in full swing.