Effectiveness of polls

  • Hour 1 of 10-20-20
  • You may be concerned about mail-in ballots leading to fraud. Some ballots were found to be thrown out. Also, could the polls be wrong? Are enough people being sampled from both parties and different backgrounds? Dr. Gerard Lameiro believes the polls are not accurate; he says that we will see a different outcome than expected. Hear more of his insight and prediction.
  • Prayer can be cyclical! Sometimes you are all over it, praying everything every day, and other days, spiritual dryness comes over and prayer becomes laborious. What can you do to fight through? We are seeing some wanting to pray more after the lockdown is lifted. Drew talks to Msgr James Shea about the human will, our souls, prayer, and how to use this time to deepen our affection for God. Christ deeply loves you and wants to have a relationship with you.