Fasting and the election

  • Hour 1 of 10-29-20
  • What you need to know: A look at the documents which went missing for Tucker Carlson. He claims that incriminating evidence was obtained against Biden which were lost. Get an update on this and find out if they were obtained. Also, be sure to pray for those involved in a terror attack in France. Get an update on court packing, polls, and the election as well.
  • Fasting can be a powerful weapon of prayer. As we approach this election, it is so important to consider fasting. Drew Mason is here to explain the spiritual benefits. He says that when we consider how much Jesus did for us on the cross, this act of sacrifice is a simple offering. Fast with joy!
  • Father Michael McGivney is set to be beatified this weekend! Relevant Radio will carry the live Mass this Saturday at 10am CT. Father was the founder of the Knights of Columbus and a great saintly example for men. Hear from the leader of the KofC – Carl Anderson.