Hearings continued

  • Hour 1 of 10-14-20
  • As the hearings for Judge Barrett continue on, it is obvious that she is very qualified. Senate Democrats are trying to get at her, trip her up, and maintain that she will overturn Roe, but she remains calm and collected. Sen. Cruz lashed out at Democrats for not even being present in the room, other than two Senators there today. Sen. Kennedy apologized to ACB for the fact that the other side said she was using her adopted kids as props. Judge Barrett was even asked if she sexually assaulted someone! What a new low! Prof. O. Carter Snead gives his feedback. He is also asked about the chances that the Democrats plan to court pack.
  • This year, there is serious concern that the mail-in ballot format will simply not work. The chances of fraud are being flagged, as multiple ballots are being delivered to people, the deceased are being given ballots still, and some ballots are being thrown in the mail. Will we have an honest result to the election? Jason Snead is in. He says he does not want another Bush v Gore episode again.
  • The series continues with Fr. Jim Nadeau. As he guides you through a special retreat that Jesus gave to St. Faustina, he reminds you today that we can’t be controlled by feelings. Don’t let the wind of feelings blow you away from being rooted in God’s will. Say, “Thy will be done.” So what are the best strategies to doing God’s will? Lean on trust, and pray to grow in this.