Hunter Biden scandal

  • Hour 1 of 10-15-20
  • With the Hunter Biden corruption scandal now in the news, we are witnessing media bias and big tech censorship. Even a White House official’s Twitter account was suspended when she shared this material. What is known about the Hunter Biden story? Did Joe Biden know what his son was doing with Burisma Holdings? Was it really Hunter’s computer found? Hear more from Sohrab Ahmari.
  • Mary Hallan FioRito gives her take on the Barrett hearings. She is asked by Drew why Democrats have some an enmity towards her, and she says she believes that it is triggering their inner realization that she is following the true Catholic faith, and in many cases, they are not. ACB stands for life, and she is truly living out Catholic teaching. Pray for her!
  • Children in need…need your help! With Christmas coming up soon, we all need to consider how we can help kids less fortunate. The Box of Joy invites you to make a difference. Learn more from Jim Cavnar. 
  • Some great advice from Fr. Nadeau today… Depend on your superiors! Whether your superior is one in a religious order, your parent, pastor, or whomever it may be, we all have one. Jesus is our superior too! Hear the daily reflection.