Judge Barrett hearings

  • Hour 1 of 10-13-20
  • Professor Teresa Collett on the Judge Barrett hearings. She has been pressed all day long on Roe, Obergefell, and her Catholic faith. Sen. Ted Cruz went on a rant against the pro-abortion decisions, which have become extremely radical. Republican Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska reiterated the fact, when questioning Judge Barrett, that her job is to be a judge, not a legislator. She made it clear that she takes the constitution seriously and is not trying to change the law any way she wants. Prof. Collett adds that both parties are playing to their base, and Democrats are trying to convince Americans that ACB wants to scrap the ACA, but this is not necessarily the case.
  • President Trump was at a rally last night at Orlando Sanford International Airport, and he celebrated the fact that he beat COVID. But is he completely immune? Could he get it again? Well, there is a 25 year old man who reportedly got it twice. So what do we know about this? Is there a second wave of COVID which we should be concerned about? Also, one of the vaccine companies has halted their trial; find out which one and why they did it. Dr. Robert Tiballi reports.
  • Fr. Jim Nadeau continues his spiritual warfare series, and today, he shares another secret Our Lord gave to St. Faustina. We need to fight with deep conviction, and trust that the Lord will give us the grace and persistence to do so. If you want to hear the daily commentary recorded by Father, follow us on Facebook and Twitter!